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And New York Makes Three. (Sorta.)

Gov. David Paterson of New York has moved to recognize gay marriages performed in other states. Golf claps.

Speaking of those other states, Sully lamented the findings in a Los Angeles Times poll that said a slim majority of Californians were opposed to gay marriage, but his spirits were buoyed by a reading a new Field poll that found that Californians 18-39 were in favor of gay marriage by big, big margins. This is important as a initiative to repeal gay marriage in Cali is likely to be on the ballots this fall.

But the real reason for optimism is the timing of civil marriages. It now seems likely that the first civil marriages in California will take place in June. By the fall, thousands of Californians will be married. The initiative will be asking voters to do two disruptive things: change the state constitution and retroactively impugn these already-existing marriages. This is a tall order.

It is. Sully also pointed out that the Field poll found independents were in favor of Cali’s move too.

And the attempt to label this reformist measure as “far left” has not caught on:

“Voters who describe themselves as middle-of-the-road in politics approve of allowing same-sex marriage 53% to 35%.”

The tide on the issue is changing, and I think conservatives are going to be on the wrong side of history (as they so often are on civil rights issues).

The Trials of Lola.

Ever since Lola* — one of those eateries that attracts impeccably dressed, upwardly mobile young Negroes — moved from Chelsea to SoHo, it’s been fighting with the neighborhood alliance over its petition for a license for liquor and the right to have live entertainment.

The Patrick-Odeens, the mixed-race couple that runs the spot, said that the opposition from the neighborhood group bears the scent of racism. The SoHo Alliance says that race has nothing to do with their stance: it’s just that the restaurant attracts the wrong type of crowd. More…

Racism and the Red Sox.

Ta-Nehisi is guest-blogging over at Yglesias, and says racism is not only a moral problem for America, but is a practical economic hurdle one, as well. His example? The Boston Red Sox and The Curse of the Bambino. More…

Mocking Hillary Clinton at Trinity.


Reggie Love, Obama’s Body Man.


Reggie Love got a decent-sized write-up in the NYT yesterday. He’s a former two-sporter at Duke where he once got pissy-drunk at a frat party, passed out, and random dudes plopped their testicles on his forehead. When the pictures surfaced, he was kicked off the team, but was later reinstated by The Rat Coach K.

Moving on. A few years hence, Love is now Obama’s body man (think Charlie from The West Wing), which is sorta like being a 6’5 Swiss army knife. Watch Reggie telepathically intuit that the presumptive Democratic nominee needs a coat. See Reggie dab Obama’s food-stained tie with a Tide pen. Sharpies, stationery, protein bars, throat lozenges, water, tea, Advil, Tylenol, Purell and emergency Nicorette? Reggie on it.

For the balance of this interminable campaign, he has remained inches away from Obama on the trail — which gives him unique insight into Barry’s likes and dislikes. More…

Nina Burleigh: When Will Obama Apologize for O.J.?

Wow. We have no words right now. More…

Is Barack Obama Muslim?

Well? Is he?

(Not that it’s okay for this question to be asked in the first place.)