On This Week’s ‘Mad Men,’ Tony Soprano Goes to Italy/Vegas.

Spoilers, folks.

Given that the series’ creator, Matt Weiner, was a major player behind-the-scenes on The Sopranos, you might expect some thematic overlap.  Don Draper, like Tony Soprano, is a conflicted womanizer who has own specific sense of honor (in Don’s case: you may cheat on your wife, but please do take your hat off indoors like a gentleman).

This week’s episode put an even finer point on those parallels, sending Don to an exotic locale away from his estranged wife — and having our anti-hero suffer a fainting spell, to boot.

Other thoughts? Duck Phillips — asshole.

Peggy always picks the wrong boys. So self-aware! Peep Sal’s reactions during the scene when Kurt comes out; that was a really well-done job by Brian Blatt.

They’ve completely dropped that plot where Joan is passed over for a job for which she’d be perfect. (The random dropping of plots is another Sopranos quirk.)

This Roger Sterling B-plot with the secretary is sort of weak, which would seem like a hard prospect to pull off given Roger’s charisma. It seems pretty boilerplate mid-life crisis storyline, yes?

7 thoughts on “On This Week’s ‘Mad Men,’ Tony Soprano Goes to Italy/Vegas.

  1. Buster October 14, 2008 at 10:49 am Reply

    It seems pretty boilerplate mid-life crisis storyline, yes?

    Yeah, I’m starting to wonder if the writers burned up all their creativity in the first season. This episode really seemed like it was on autopilot…

  2. universeexpanding October 14, 2008 at 12:28 pm Reply

    I was wondering what would happen with that storyline with Joan. Remember in the “Maidenform” episode when Peggy asked her for advice on how to deal with the “boys” excluding her from their informal meetings at clubs and bars and Joan told her that she didn’t know what to tell her about that and that she “never wanted [Peggy’s] job”? I thought that her being thwarted with regards to the job with the script reading and liaising with the network heads that they might build on the idea of her actually desiring that which she professed to have no interest in. I don’t really understand her relationship with this so-called fiance of hers either.

    I haven’t watched ep. 11 yet. It wasn’t up when I checked yesterday so I suppose I’ll see it tonight. I have long suspected that Duck is a dickwad, not much of a spoiler there.

  3. shani-o October 14, 2008 at 1:02 pm Reply

    Wake me up when you start recapping ‘Gossip Girl.’

  4. ladyfresshh October 14, 2008 at 3:00 pm Reply

    @ shanio – to my shame i’ve started watching gosip girl, i would actually look forward to a G.D. recap LOL

    i didn’t watch sopranos (nor the wire) G.D. so i have no idea what you are referring to.

    did tony also have beautiful women hitting on him regularly and the opportunity to run away every other episode as well? i’d be in shock tony was not a good looking dude.

    this episode was fantastic btw further highlighting Don’s ambivalence about his life

    i’m still pissed about joan but i’m thinking they did a ‘these things happen’ and have banked all work ambition on peggy

    they are using roger’s twist to engender a company takeover, roger is weak in general frankly and ripe for a duck fuck over

  5. Seanathan October 14, 2008 at 4:07 pm Reply

    We’re never gonna revisit that Joan story. It’s one of those “that’s how it is” things but with Joan bringing her husband to the office and Roger engaged to Joan-lite, it should be interesting.

    The only thing that is weird about seeing that guy with the kids which kinda brought Don back to reality is he was all but ready to abandon his own children at the end of last season.

    I’m surprise Don had any respect for these Euro hobos considering his love for the hobo code.

    Duck sipped that alcohol like Popeye eating spinach.

  6. quadmoniker October 14, 2008 at 4:09 pm Reply

    I think dropping the Joan storyline might have been on purpose. Women didn’t get those promotions in the olden days, and they were sad, and then they moved on because they had to. I think we would have to wait a decade for Joan to want to walk into the office and kidnap Roger 9 to 5 style.

  7. ladyfresshh October 14, 2008 at 4:40 pm Reply

    i’m with sean and quad it even more established the time period and any questions we may have had about Joan’s ambitions and why she possibly hasn’t done anything.

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