When the Revolution Comes…

Is a penchant for ridiculous hyperbole required to write for the National Review Online?

Have a friend who was in Riverside Park (Manhattan) with his baby daughter. A woman came up to him and said, “Are you a registered Democrat?” He said no. She said, “Well, you can register right now — it will just take a second. I have the necessary paperwork here.” He said, “No, actually, that’s not it — I am registered. It’s just that I’m a registered Republican.” He said that the woman gave him a look of hate such as he had seldom seen — sent a shudder down his spine. She walked away, still glaring, bitterly, without a word.

Now, the thing is, my friend’s not very political at all — he’s not like me and the rest of us NRO-niks. He just has a nice career (unrelated to politics), and a nice family, loves to play golf, likes to go to the movies, and goes about his business. And he thought, “Shouldn’t she simply have been pleased that I was registered? Isn’t political participation and good citizenship what it’s all about?”

Oh, no, no, my friend — not by a long shot. Come the revolution, you will understand. And that lady will give you a good long time in a camp to think about it.

That lady was in the wrong, sure. But coming from the same folks that rode for a president who politicized the administration of justice,  this is pretty rich.

3 thoughts on “When the Revolution Comes…

  1. simply scott October 20, 2008 at 9:21 am Reply

    Hyberbole? Yes. Geesh! If you are not an extremist, no one will listen. Is that the new rule? Sounds like it. (I don’t mean you; the writer for the NRO. haha)

  2. McLaren October 20, 2008 at 3:50 pm Reply

    Perhaps the writer was thinking of a time when people who didn’t look or think like the majority of Americans were locked up in prison camps. And this was done by a “progressive” president, so you might understand the writer’s sarcastic hyperbole.

  3. G.D. October 21, 2008 at 8:18 am Reply

    The fact that you’re seriously asserting that an Obama administration means that the Fox News audience is gonna be round up and tossed into camps is really unsettling.

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