How Bad Have Things Gotten for McCain?


This bad. [Via TPM.]

Care to guess where that robocall is going out? Arizona, which has tightened enough that the McCain camp has to play it safe. It doesn’t matter if Obama wins AZ — he’s got a lot of paths to 270 — but it matters that it forces McCain to have to spend his money (which is relatively limited) on defense in his home state, and not in  places that he needs like Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania.* (If you look at the electoral maps, though, it’s clear that even with those states he would fall way short if Obama wins all the Kerry states and those Bush states that are leaning his way.)

*In the short period of time I’ve been home visiting I’ve seen a lot of Obama commercials, but relatively few McCain spots. McCain needs PA to make his longshot chance possible, but this state isn’t really a battleground; it has gone Democratic since ’88 and the race this year is no longer close.

2 thoughts on “How Bad Have Things Gotten for McCain?

  1. simplyscott October 30, 2008 at 12:03 pm Reply

    it’s hard to remain a proponent of campaign finance reform and desire equal funds for each candidate provided solely by the government since i’m decidedly voting for Obama (registered independent here) and realize that in all honesty it has taken the considerable amount of money he’s raised to make it possible for a black presidential candidate to be steps away from the oval office. my goal in wanting to see government funding only is to provide for a real shot at a third party, which is not going to make it if for no other reason than because they’ll never raise the money to support themselves, unless the candidate is Bloomberg, who i’m will run in 2012 after his three tours as the mayor of NYC.

    please don’t misconstrue my comment above as taking anything away from Obama as a man; the need for the massive cash flow is about changing the minds of the general population who might otherwise not be capable of voting in his direction without a lot of ‘face time’, ie. last night’s 30-min spot. so, big $$ is a good thing in changing the dynamic and the paradigm. nevertheless, i’m still all about a third party to try, which i think can win big with middle America if only they had the $$ to make a real go of it, much like Obama this time around.

    if McPalin wins, i’m moving to Canada.

  2. ladyfresshh October 30, 2008 at 5:10 pm Reply

    if McPalin wins, i’m moving to Canada.

    take me with you!

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