Election Day: Obama Headquarters. Darby. PA.

One thought on “Election Day: Obama Headquarters. Darby. PA.

  1. ur momma November 5, 2008 at 10:52 am Reply

    I didn’t cry last night but but saw many tears flow from every type of person theirs is in this country and abroad, There were tears of joy, relief,hope, encouragement and pride. I was mesmerized by the incredibility of what had happened but what kept going thru my head were the images that I had seen on TV over 45 years ago, Broadcasts of hosings,beatings,dogs being let loose, men hiding under white robes[that’s why I volunteered in Delco, PA] +to keep people from voting. Also the determination of a people no to be defeated and reflected on the impact TV had on my life, I heard McCain give his best campaign speech. Of course there was the engaging President Elect BARACK H OBAMA. This morning when I woke tears began to flow as they did on this day 28years ago. Tears of pride,joy,relief, hope and empowerment as only a mother knows afted just giving birth. Tears for my parents and grandparent who persevered. Tears for the men in my family who went to war for this country in spite of what they had to endure. Tears for the women who gave me strong love. Tears for my children-your dreams are yours to have. That is why I cried 28 years ago that’s why I cry today. Looking forward to next election day on Nov 4, Power to the people.

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