Now They Tell Us.

Of course, the folks in the McCain campaign could just be trying to cover their own asses by placing all the blame on Palin.

(Then again, they picked her.)

2 thoughts on “Now They Tell Us.

  1. simplyscott November 6, 2008 at 10:11 am Reply

    Well, this is just one more nail in Palin’s coffin. It’s a shame that all this had to happen — it was obvious from the beginning that she was not ready at all, but this report is embarrassing and, in my opinion, something that didn’t need to be broadcast: “hey, this woman is stupid”. It damaging to McCain and his character, and it’s very damaging to the GOP, not necessarily in their eyes because they’ve proven to be a group with very skewed perceptions, but in the eyes of independents and the apolitical. The GOP has become a party for old, scared, clueless people, and they are just now realizing that themselves, I think. Goodbye, Sarah — we’ll never see you again, except maybe on The View.

  2. geo November 6, 2008 at 11:03 am Reply

    you know, it was no secret Palin lacked intellect and intellectual curiosity.
    but i do feel that this is somewhat sexism in play cause they are laying a significant portion of the defeat at her feet. it’s as if folks are ignoring the fact that McCain CHOSE her. in my opinion, the campaign failed due to McCain’s poor judgment skills and his selection of Palin was just a symptom of his malady.

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