Daily Archives: December 18, 2008

A Hirsute Situation.

March 08/Oct08

Latoya at Racialicious has a great post up about transitioning to nappy hair, which was inspired another good natural hair post by Tami.

December 26th will be six months since I did the “big chop” (I was too impatient to grow out the relaxed hair) and I found myself relating to Latoya’s post, even though I didn’t transition over time.

Backstory: I literally don’t remember not having relaxed hair. I have friends who exclaim that they could never go natural because they remember sitting between their mothers knees’ on “wash day” and having their heads yanked back and forth as their naps were hot combed, twisted, braided, and plaited into submission. I have no memories of that. My mother preempted the difficulty by relaxing my hair — and she either doesn’t remember how young I was, or she won’t admit it, because I still don’t know when she started. More…