A Gender-Neutral Awards Season?

Sybil poses the question:

The writing and directing and score and costuming awards we can think of as awarding a discreet skill. But performativity, as I figure it, is so inextricably linked to gender that we can’t think of ways to compare performances across those lines. I admit it’s hard for me to conceive, because of conditioning, of the nominees being Meryl Streep, Brad Pitt, Kate Winslet, and Mickey Rourke. And if such a thing ever were the case, wouldn’t it be fascinating to see how the gender allocation of award winners broke down? How else to make clear the relative dearth of choice roles for women?

Is it also an appearance thing? Like, the performance-based awards are implicitly partly about appearance and the maintenance of gender segregation is a symptom of the fact that we use completely different, irreconcilable aesthetic paradigms for men and women? And no one gives a shit what he screenwriter looks like?

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