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Damn. Again.

From the Seattle Post-Intelligencer:

A video showing a King County Sheriff’s deputy pummeling a 15-year-old girl in a holding cell was released Friday over the strenuous objections of the officer’s attorney.

The case goes beyond police misconduct, County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg said in a prepared statement.

“It’s about criminal misconduct. And that’s why he needs to be prosecuted,” he said.

The video of the Nov. 29 incident was disclosed Friday, one day after Deputy Paul Schene, 31, pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor assault in King County District Court.

Schene, an eight-year veteran, works out of Precinct 4, which covers SeaTac, Burien and high crime areas in White Center and Skyway.

He is the third sheriff’s deputy since 2006 to face charges on allegations of excessive force. All three are from the Burien precinct.

A detective assigned to the girl’s case discovered the video Dec. 1 and immediately forwarded it to supervisors.

The Seattle P-I requested a copy of the holding cell video and all reports from the incident under the state’s open records law. A judge on Thursday denied a request from Schene’s attorney to bar the video from public disclosure.

“We take this very seriously and we’re very concerned about this,” sheriff’s Sgt. Jim Laing said Friday. An internal investigation would begin after the criminal case is finished.

What could possibly have warranted this? In his official report, Schene, already seemed to be embellishing his side of the story.

In his own report from the incident, Schene wrote that the shoe hit him in the right shin, “causing injury and pain.” He wrote that he “placed” her into handcuffs and that she needed medical attention for a “panic attack.”

He said a “blood filled pocket” formed on his shin, requiring treatment at Auburn General Hospital, according to his report. The video, however, appears to show his shin strike a metal toilet as he pushes the girl against the wall.

Presenting: Mr. Black History Month!!!

 omg its still black history month! had you forgotten yet?? i hadnt, in spite of what my sparse updating may otherwise suggest. i didnt forget; im just exercising my right to be blatantly shiftless without having a white man cracking a whip at my earlobes (let us all thank the ancestors for fighting for that right). its been on my mind, continuously, and i thought to myself, self? you know what black history month needs? black history month needs a king and queen. the competition has been fierce, let me tell you… ive been considering some top contenders, including Tuffy from ‘Bamboozled’ ((the guy who sang his heart out about how he be smackin his hoes), Leon (who made love to the silver screen as Little Richard in The Little Richard Story and David Ruffin in The Temptations), and Mr. T.  but it was not until i saw a re-run of the Colbert Report yesterday that  i made up my mind.  or more appropriately, my mind was made up for me.  ladies and gentlemen, i present to you, Mr. Black History Month:  John Fetterman, mayor of Braddock, PA.

i’m sure you’re askin yourself which one is John. he’s the big white one in the front. now, i’m sure you’re asking yourself how the fuck some big white dude got crowned Mr. Black History, and i will answer that question to the best of my ability*: …look at him! is that not the coolest mayor you’ve ever seen?? okay okay. let’s start at the beginning. John Fetterman is six foot fucking eight, three hundred fucking pounds. though he looks like he could have potentially been kicked out of your friendly neighborhood neo nazi group for being just a little too angry, or like he listens to nothing but ICP all the live long day, Fetterman is a Harvard grad and has an MA in public policy. his arms are covered in tats, most notable being the dates of deaths that have occurred in the city of Braddock during his tenure as mayor. yeah, kind of like how your cousin Pookie got ‘RIP MAN-MAN 1976-2009 REAL GANGSTAS DO DIE’ tatted on his back after Man-Man died of complications of being shot in his ass by his girlfriend Raynita. oh, and you know how members of the Crips purposefully mispell words that have ‘ck’ in them, using double ‘c’s instead? (ie – ‘trick’ becomes ‘tricc,’ etc)? …he changed the spelling of the town’s name from Braddock to Braddocc. no, seriously. it’s on the freakin website.


no, seriously. this guy is a MAYOR! of a real place!! not a made up one!!

no, seriously. this guy is a MAYOR! of a real place!! not a made up one!!


speaking of the website… LOL. did you SEE it?? when you choose to sell your city by putting a picture of you standing and ice grilling in front of a big pile of something that was destroyed likely by the most depressing societal elements you can muster… dude. it looks like it was created by a 15 year old emo kid sittin in the dark in his mom’s basement listening to My Chemical Romance, struggling to find just the right font to use to express the irony and misunderstanding that grips his soul on the regular. it’s awesome. it’s so inappropriately awesome. oh, further evidence that he isnt an excised neo nazi? the town of braddock/cc is only about 30% white (as of 2000), and his first course of action was not to expell other 70% of the population. (i should note that the town is 66% black. dude. i currently cannot imagine or think of a blacker city/town/state). see? he likes brown folks! i dont believe in bestowing honorary blackness on non-black folks but i gotta admit. if i did, this guy would get it.

all jokes aside tho, this dude is really awesome, and the town itself, the history and all, is pretty interesting, imo. read about it!  write to the mayor!  he’s got a gmail address!  lol!  AWESOME!

*the real answer: affirmative action. i got quotas to fill.

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Remembering Gene Siskel.

Roger Ebert remembers Gene Siskel.

Gene died ten years ago on February 20, 1999. He is in my mind almost every day. I don’t want to rehearse the old stories about how we had a love/hate relationship, and how we dealt with television, and how we were both so scared the first time we went on Johnny Carson that, backstage, we couldn’t think of the name of a single movie, although that story is absolutely true. Those stories have been told. I want to write about our friendship. The public image was that we were in a state of permanent feud, but nothing we felt had anything to do with image. We both knew the buttons to push on the other one, and we both made little effort to hide our feelings, warm or cold. In 1977 we were on a talk show with Buddy Rogers, once Mary Pickford’s husband, and he said, “You guys have a sibling rivalry, but you both think you’re the older brother.” …

We once spoke with Disney and CBS about a sitcom to be titled, “Best Enemies.” It would be about two movie critics joined in a love/hate relationship. It never went anywhere, but we both believed it was a good idea. Maybe the problem was that no one else could possibly understand how meaningless was the hate, how deep was the love.

Inter-Racial Friends.

Here’s something interesting  (via Pew Research Center):

My first thought was: I wonder how people are defining “friend?”  If we’re talking about friends in the casual sense – someone you work with, someone you occasionally chat with – then these results are basically on point.  Most people interact with someone of a different race on a fairly regular basis (if not daily), and accordingly, people build relationships of varying degrees.  But, if you’re defining “friend” as something deeper – someone you invite over for dinner, a close confidant, or even a lover – then this survey probably exaggerates the extent to which most people have those relationships with someone of the opposite race.  Indeed, if you’re defining “friend” in the latter sense then judging from most American’s inability to discuss race in any rational way, these survey results can’t be correct, since they would suggest that most Americans are very comfortable with people of other races.  Which, you know, isn’t really the case.

I don’t really have much else to say, I just thought this survey was interesting.

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Obama: Antichrist And/Or Hitler.

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When we started this blog in late ’07, I don’t think we knew what we were getting into. I remember thinking, if we could get just 50 hits a day, I’d be happy. Then we started getting 50. Then 100 became the benchmark. then 500. then 1000. And so on. And then people started shouting us out on their Facebook pages and blogs,  sending us stuff to share and be wrestled with or laugh at.  (My personal We’ve Arrived moment was when I went to a book signing for Ta-Nehisi Coates’ dope memoir, The Beautiful Struggle, and when I mentioned the blog, he said that he was a frequent reader. We did it, Brooklyn!)

This marks our 1000th (!) post, and in the time we’ve been active, our little roster has swelled steadily, and is likely to grow some more. I can’t thank my compatriots enough in helping nurture this blog’s growth: Stacia, my sister from another mister/partner-in-crime; April, who helped me get this thing off the ground; Monica; Shani, Alisa; Steve; Tracy; Nichole, Karas, and Jamelle, who joined us from the United States of Jamerica. I also want to shout out all the folks who linked to us and let us crosspost and shot tips our way: Latoya at Racialicious; Jay Smooth at IllDoctrine; Eric, Ari and the rest of the dope folks at Edge of the American West; Tedra and the squad over at Bitch, Ph.D., Brokey over at BrokeyMcPoverty, and Lauren at Feministe.

(Oh, and Rochelle, who helped me coin the word that became this blog’s name.)

This turned into a valedictory. My bust. That really wasn’t the intention. Still, I wanted to thank y’all for reading and commenting for making great arguments, helping us refine ours, and helping this thing along on the road to whatever its finna become.

A tip of the fitted Phillies cap to all of y’all.

Well, Gee, Bobby.


Adam on Jindal’s awful, awful response:

The press has, for some time, been running with the idea that Bobby Jindal is the GOP’s Obama. It’s unclear what prompts the comparison between the two other than that they are both young, brown, Ivy League-educated, and beloved by their respective bases. But it’s a comparison that the monochromatic Republican Party, anxious to show its inclusiveness, has been happy to accept. That makes it no less inane, and no less transparent an attempt to put a nonwhite face on an increasingly white party.

Jindal and Obama could not be more different, and the contrasts begin but don’t end with the fact that one of them changed his name to fit in while the other carried his daddy’s “funny” African moniker all the way to the White House. Last night, the differences were clear: Where Jindal was awkward, Obama was confident. Obama has mastered his voice, Jindal sounded like he didn’t know how to give a speech. Obama had mastered a variety of tones and cadences early in his career, Jindal offered a forced folksiness to a sing-song tune. But perhaps the most telling part of Jindal’s response was his extended introduction of his family history. Until now, the GOP has allowed the press to make the Obama comparisons, last night, Jindal tried to make one himself, an act that was inadvertently self-diminishing.

The whole thing is worth quoting, but you should go over to TAPPED and read it.