Weekend Endorsements: Chicken and Waffles, Woody and Lobster.


blackink: As something of a recovering carbs junkie, I’ve tried hard to avoid binging on cheesecake, burritos and sweet, sweet red Kool-Aid over the past few months. But I’m making an exception for this soul-food staple this weekend.
My first brush with chicken and waffles came during a college trip to California. I had a friend prescient enough to know that Roscoe’s House of Chicken ‘n Waffles would be right up my alley.
Nothing was ever the same. Cue the Dionne Warwick, please.
Over the years, I’ve tried to recreate the dish at home with little success. But a couple weeks ago, the First Lady and I felt those familiar pangs and swung by a new restaurant down the street from our home.
Josephine’s is a nice enough substitute until I can make it back out to southern Cali. Your turn — and don’t be shy with the butter and syrup.

slb:Tails of Manhattan,” the latest of Woody Allen’s humor contributions to the Shouts & Murmurs section of The New Yorker, appeared in the March 30 issue. In it, two businessmen die upon learning they’ve been swindled by Bernie Madoff. Both are reincarnated as lobsters. They find themselves in a tank at a posh Upper East Side restaurant, when who should come in with a hankering for shellfish?

The brief, acerbic, and intricate storytelling lends itself to multiple readings and if you’re a fan of Allen’s work, you’ll recognize a ton of his trademarks here.

Speaking of fantastic New Yorker fare, read Edwidge Danticat’s “Ghosts,” if you haven’t already. It’s breathtaking and heart-wrenching.

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3 thoughts on “Weekend Endorsements: Chicken and Waffles, Woody and Lobster.

  1. bitchphd April 12, 2009 at 8:22 pm Reply

    That sounds pretty good. A worthy contender to french toast and bacon, which is my current brunch favorite.

  2. Big Word April 13, 2009 at 12:29 pm Reply

    I grew up in New Orleans and never heard of anybody eating fried chicken and waffles. I always thought that was a Cali thing. Then again I guess New Orleans ain’t quite as country as some places in the South because I never heard of fish and grits either.

  3. GVG April 13, 2009 at 3:29 pm Reply

    SLB – Thanx for the Danticat piece

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