Waiting for the “Whitey Tape.”


Exactly one year ago today, we’re still waiting for the release of the so-called “whitey tape.” Remember this?

I now have it from two sources that there is video dynamite–Michelle Obama railing against “whitey” at Jeremiah Wright’s church. Republicans may have a lousy record when it comes to the economy and the management of the war in Iraq, but they are hell on wheels when it comes to opposition research. Someone took the chance and started revisiting the recordings from services at Jeremiah Wright’s United Church of Christ. Holy smoke!! I am told there is a clip that is being held for the fall to drop at the appropriate time. The last thing Barack and Michelle need is a new clip that raises further questions about her judgment and temperament.

I wonder how that all turned out?

The public’s opinion of the first lady runs even higher than its opinion of the president, with a 73 percent personal favorability rating for  President Obama in a new Pew Research Center poll, and a 76 percent rating for the first lady.

… Michelle Obama also is reaching across party lines: 67 percent of Republican women hold a favorable view of her, up 21 percentage points since January.

And she recently made Maxim 100’s Hot List.

I’m sure that means the tape will drop any day now.

h/t Yglesias.

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3 thoughts on “Waiting for the “Whitey Tape.”

  1. bitchphd May 18, 2009 at 2:23 pm Reply

    I made a friend a $20 bet at the time that this tape would never show up. You wouldn’t believe how hard it was to get him to pay up. Seriously, like the week before the freaking election he was still claiming it might surface.

    • blackink12 May 19, 2009 at 10:14 am Reply

      Yeah, that was always my thought. Even then, I couldn’t understand how something like that could be held for release. You would have thought people would be falling over themselves to post that on YouTube.

      There’s a phrase for that: full of shit.

  2. karas May 19, 2009 at 6:30 am Reply

    oh, sadness.

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