NBA Finals.

Because G.D. promised we could talk hoops over here before extending an invitation to blog at PB, I feel this is an appropriate time to leave an open thread of sorts in advance of the NBA Finals.

If the Lakers are a good enough pick for noted basketball fan President Obama, then they are good enough for me too. I think L.A. will win in seven games.

But while you appreciate of the considerable artistry and ruthless efficiency of Kobe en route to his first post-Shaq championship, stop to ponder how it can be that can mere humans can produce spawn that grows up to be Dwight Howard. He is different from you or I. Or even your most athletic uncle.

Also be grateful that, no matter the outcome, you won’t have to witness another overboard, obnoxious, and almost entirely scripted post-game celebration by the Celtics:

4 thoughts on “NBA Finals.

  1. Winslowalrob June 4, 2009 at 2:30 pm Reply

    So anything isn’t possible anymore?

  2. Grump June 4, 2009 at 5:21 pm Reply

    I’m really anticipating how Orlando’s and LA’s frontcourts matchup against each other

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