“It Takes a Nation of Us to Hold Back Millions.”*

via SEK, we learn of the Young Cons, two “MCs” whose lyrics are generously laced with Republican talking points.

Our apologies, of course. Their website suggests that the whole thing might be tongue-in-cheek, but from the actual lyrics and delivery it doesn’t look like these cats are joking. I mean, yeah, they’ve clearly got to be fucking kidding, but not in the way I think they think they are, you know?

Whatever their intent, it’s a misfire that’s emblematic of the young right’s problems at the moment. It seems like Republicans have become more worried about the form in which they voice their same, old stances  — “we have to oppose the public health plan, but on Twitter!”; “Give me a word that rhymes with ‘Reaganomics,’ yo!” — instead of wrestling with the facts that those stances may just be losers.

This isn’t to say that form doesn’t matter. The Young Cons are getting props mainly from the type of people who certainly don’t listen to/actively dislike hip-hop but still like the YC’s content, so they they really don’t understand or care that these dudes are hot garbage. But the YC’s ostensible target demo will care that these dudes are wack, and toss them aside accordingly. Oh, well.

*That headline is via a commenter named Todd over at Edge of the West. Nice work, playboy.

2 thoughts on ““It Takes a Nation of Us to Hold Back Millions.”*

  1. Jason B. June 9, 2009 at 3:45 pm Reply

    That video is just freaking painful. And Todd’s line cracked me up. Maybe we can name conservative hip-hop attempts something amusing. Like “Rappe.” Not like “frappe,” but like Renaissance Festival hip-hop.

    Anyway, it’s disturbing and amusing. Distursing.

  2. Max Reddick June 9, 2009 at 7:26 pm Reply

    As I begin to compose a snarky comment, a thought suddenly comes to me–WWJD? But then I realize that Jesus would probably compose a snarky comment too!

    If I may paraphrase that great African American poet KRS-1, these MC’s are just wick-wick-wack. Whose their manager? Michael Steele?

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