Because She Had It Coming, Right?

A few weeks ago, someone posted a hidden camera video online of Erin Andrews, an ESPN sideline reporter, while she was nude in a hotel room. The whole incident has left her understandably shaken. She has said she will sue the person responsible, as well as anyone that spreads the video (a list which would presumably now include the NY Post, whose reporters ESPN has summarily banned from the network in response).

And then Christine Brennan of USA Today weighed in, suggesting that Andrews beared responsibility in this.

On the Erin Andrews situation, a quick thought for those who have asked: There are hundreds of women covering sports in this country who haven’t had this happen to them. I wish it didn’t happen to Erin, but I also would suggest to her if she asked (and she hasn’t) that she rely on her talent and brains and not succumb to the lowest common denominator in sports media by playing to the frat house.

Got that, folks? She was a tease who brought this violation on herself.

2 thoughts on “Because She Had It Coming, Right?

  1. ladyfresh July 27, 2009 at 1:24 pm Reply

    so…has lightning struck her yet?

  2. blackink12 July 28, 2009 at 10:26 am Reply

    The thing about what Brennan said – although she later backed away from those comments – is that it is so demonstrably false.

    I used to be a sportswriter and I worked with and knew a number of women sports reporters. Believe me, most of them can tell you a number of stories about receiving unwanted attention or suffering through incredibly boorish behavior through no fault of their own.

    You don’t have to “play to the frat house” to fall victim to the lowest-common denominator. And Brennan should know that as well as anyone else.

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