Oh, Come On!

I officially demand a cease and desist order on this America’s Got Talent BS. They’ve done it again. Taken another person deemed, by social standards, unattractive, and gone wild because she can hold a tune. Remember that Susan Boyle business? And that other dude, the opera singer? Okay, the opera singer could actually sing. But these other two? Come on! They’ve clearly found a formula that works, and they’re milking it for all its worth for ratings.

1) find a rather homely person (note: this is not to say that i find these particular people homely, unattractive, or anything. It’s just painfully evident that they expect the general populace to feel that way, and i believe that they do)

2) Have them tell their story;bonus points if it includes them having sad/lonely childhoods/no boyfriends or girlfriends/etc, and make the insinuation clear that it is because they look the way they do. Oh, and be sure to play sad music as they speak; it’ll remind the viewer to pity him/her.

3) Have the judges gush and rant and rave no matter how average they may sound. ta-daa!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I mean, okay. Like I said. The opera dude had a great voice. But the other two? Especially Susan Boyle? If you were to sit blindfolded in a room and never saw them before they started singing, you’d be like “eh, they’re alright. they aint no patti lupone tho.” And you know it.

Shame on this show for this. Also, shame on this show for making fucking Nick Cannon the host. wtf, WHY!?


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