The Friday Random/Genius Ten

What with all the yelling and lying passing as political discourse at town halls around the country, this is a great week to offer musical tribute to those thousands of dissenters terrified of socialized Obamacare:

1. Breath and Stop – Q-Tip (belleisa)

2. Lies – Save Ferris (Shani-o)

3. Shout – Tears for Fears (blackink)

4. Rebellion (Lies) – Arcade Fire (Jamelle)

5. Mathematics – Mos Def (belleisa)

6. Pardon Me – Incubus (Shani-o)

7. Only a Pawn in their Game – Bob Dylan (blackink)

8. Mosh – Eminem (belleisa)

9. Gunpowder and Lead – Miranda Lambert (Shani-o)

10. Liar – Henry Rollins (blackink)

As always, feel free to offer your own suggestions, drop us a line about what’s playing on your iPod or consider this an open thread.

Until then, peace.

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