We’re tinkering with some stuff below PB’s  hood, which is why all of our links are so janky right now. Our bust.

Here’s some of what we missed:

  • Conor Fredersdorf defends the Stupak Amendment in the House health care  bill, which bars  public money from being spent on any healthcare plans that might cover abortion.”…I’d feel uncomfortable with the notion of my tax dollars being used to fund abortions — just as I am presently uncomfortable that my tax dollars are used to fund the death penalty — and wish that they weren’t, even as I strongly support all sorts of reproductive health care for women, including abortions in cases when the life of the mother is at risk.” Ann Friedman pushes back. “The thing about the Stupak Amendment is that it goes beyond the Hyde Amendment, which bars public funding for abortion under Medicaid. Stupak would actually prevent employer-based plans — ones that are not supported by your tax dollars — from covering abortion.”
  • Jill Lepore looks at the history of murder in America.
  • Do people on death row get to have anything they want for their last meal?
  • The American Medical Association changes its position on medicinal weed, and urges the federal government to do the same.
  • The Mormon Church (!) takes a teensy, but necessary step toward acknowledging the basic rights of gays.

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