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Ridiculous Moments in R&B, Part 2.

It took 12 years, but here we go again! Ridiculous Moments in R & B, part deux! In no particular order, the winners are:

1. Who let your drunk uncles in the studio?? I have no idea how ‘Float On’ by the Floaters came about, but I’m guessing it went something like this:

Larry: Ay! Ay y’all, this where my nephew Ronnie J come in here and do his music shit at…I think he got some beer in a fridge here somewhere down here since Paul done drank up all the everythang.

Paul: You cain’t put that on me, man! You know I don’t drink no beer if it ain’t malted anyway, you hear me??! *pimp runs around the room*

Charles: WHERE THE ‘YAC AT??!

Ralph: Shut up, fool! Hey Larry, what you say Ronnie ‘nem do in here? Music? Aw, shit, we could do that! We can make somethin’ for the ladies, man!


Larry: Yeah! Say, man, that ain’t a bad idea! There’s this redbone that work at the Snackin’ Shack I been tryin’ to get at for the longest!

Ralph: Awwww yeah! I’ma get on that microphone, talkin’ bout some “I’M A SCORPIO! DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEAN, GIRL??!” *inappropriate hip gyration*


Gotta hand it to ’em though. The foot action is *crazy* and this song is better than ANYTHING that Trey Songz will ever do in the history of his life.

Friday Random Ten.

This weekend, in the District of Columbia, there will be the long-awaited meeting of The Families. The Grape Drink Mafia and the Juicebox Mafia.

The Cold Drank Summit.

The Internet should be very scared.

I’m sure there will be lots of talk about health care reform, “30 Rock” and good hair, which neither blacks nor Jews are credited with having much of. And there’s really not much more that can be said in this space.

But if we had a seat at the table, and say, Alyssa or Jamelle or Adam turned on the iPod, this is what they would probably play:

1. Gin and Juice by Snoop Dog (Quadmoniker)

2. Sippin’ tha Barre by Paul Wall (Jamelle)

3. Drink to Me by Johnny Cash (Quadmoniker)

4. I’m On It (Kryptonite) by the Purple Ribbon All-Stars (G.D.)

5. Only When I’m Drunk by Tha Alkaholiks (Blackink)

6. Drink with Me by Mairus and the rest of the revolutionaries in ‘Les Miserables.’ (Brokey)

7. Juice (Know the Ledge) by Eric B and Rakim (Blackink)

And we have to do Shani’s submissions in order, lest you all miss the joke:

8. Sugarwater by Cibo Matto (Shani-o)

9. Don’t Drink the Water by Dave Matthews Band (Shani-o)

10. Purple Rain by Prince (Shani-o)

Get it? Anyone?

Eh … just be glad I couldn’t find a video for “Love 40.”

Until the next time, have a great weekend. And pour out a little liquor for those of us who couldn’t make it to D.C.

Nostalgic and Disappointed in My Office Kitchen.

Am I the only person who didn’t know that Carlton from Fresh Prince was hosting a lame-looking show  on a network I’ve never heard of? I caught a brief glimpse of a commercial for it when I went to my water cooler and, frankly, wish I didn’t even know. Though for a minute I thought he was just in the commercial, and  that was even more sad.


Since seeing Precious on Friday, I’ve been trying to recall another recent onscreen portrayal of evil anywhere as effective as the one offered up by Mo’Nique in the role of the title character’s mother. Javier Bardem’s unrelenting assassin in “No Country for Old Men” might qualify, but he was essentially a cartoon. Maybe Daniel Day-Lewis’s oil tycoon in “There Will Be Blood,” but even that sociopath seemed to have other drives (like towering greed) besides perpetuating human suffering. Not so Mo’Nique’s Mary, an absolute monster who is devoid of any redeeming qualities. She commits an atrocity in every scene she inhabits, and so the tiny, dim apartment she shares with Precious isn’t just suffocating, but terrifying. It’s the most powerful performance in a movie full of them.

But the movie’s uniformly excellent acting underscores the other problems with Lee Daniels’ direction. To be fair, it would be hard to pull off subtlety in a movie in which the morbidly obese, illiterate protagonist is routinely sexually and physically abused, impregnated by her father, and ignored by anyone else she comes across. But given all that, there’s certainly no need to pile on, which is what Daniels does, intersplicing bright, tonally dissonant fantasy sequences into the main character’s more traumatic moments. As her father rapes her, she transports into a  daydream in which she’s a beloved celebrity; when she’s attacked by some dudes on the street, she entertains thoughts of dancing flirtily with some guy on the set of a music video. We get it: she wants to be anywhere but where she is in those moments. But when we’re talking about a character for whom personal degradation is a daily occurrence, it seems like that sentiment wouldn’t need any additional highlighting. Like the scene where Precious is getting ready for school and sees a blonde white girl aping her movements in the mirror, these flourishes are way, way too on the nose.* More…

Friday Random Ten.


From the creative, dynamic and thoroughly Roots-addled mind (at least this week) of Shani-o, we’re celebrating Black Thought Appreciation Week here at PostBourgie. It all started with this hot fire of a cypher including Mos Def and Eminem that G.D. posted in this spot last week.

But really, does there  need to be an explanation for why we’re showing Thought some love?

Here’s the link to our Twitter feed commemorating the occasion.

Now. I shall. Proceed …

1. Water (Shani-o)

2. Quills (Blackink)

3. No Alibi (Shani-o)

4. Stay Cool (Blackink)

5. Thought @ Work (Shani-o)


6. Web (Shani-o)

7. Livin’ in a New World (Blackink)

8. 75 Bars (Shani-o)

9. Reality TV (Blackink)

10. Silent Treatment (this was a suggestion from Mr. Adam Serwer. A damn good one at that)

And if we missed anything, I’m sure G.D. will be around a little later in the comments to chin-check us.

As always, hope you all have a great weekend.

Friday Random Ten

So, I’m assuming almost everyone is dressing up as a sexy nurse, a sexy pirate or a sexy gangster for Halloween this weekend. Something sexy, for sure. Or, as G.D. mentioned earlier, something potentially racist.

But not me. I plan to dress myself in pants two sizes too large, a doo-rag and something really feminine. Like a tunic. Or a wig. I’ll be going as a rejected Morehouse applicant.

That said, if you are headed out into the wild and unpredictable night on Saturday, here’s a playlist to keep the evil spirits and preteen panhandlers away:

1. Nightmares by Clipse (Jamelle)

2. Ghostbusters by Ray Parker Jr. (Blackink)

3. Getting Scared by Imogen Heap (Shani-o)

4. Second Child by Bilal (Slb)

5. Somebody’s Watching Me by Rockwell (Blackink)

6. Monster Mash by Robert George Pickett (Belleisa)

7. Mind Playing Tricks on Me by The Geto Boys (Blackink)

8. Dracula’s Lament by Jason Segel (Slb)

9. Never Scared (remix) by Bonecrusher feat. Jadakiss, Cam’ron and Busta Rhymes (Blackink)

10. Scream by Michael & Janet Jackson (Shani-o)

Thought we were gonna include “Thriller,” huh? GTFOH.

Please, enjoy the weekend. And think sexy.

Random Midday Hotness: Spit Hot Fire.

I was listening to an interview recently with Kweli, and he was asked who was the best MC currently doing it. Without hesitation, he said Thought. Now, obviously, I’m incredibly biased. But he ain’t lyin’.